BiOrb Earth 125

An innovative smart terrarium for Dart frogs

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At a glance...
  • Smart terrarium for Dart frogs
  • Built-in heater, mister, filter and lighting
  • Companion smart app control
An absolute revolution, this terrarium stands out from the pack with a slew of incredible features and an iconic design.
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What is the BiOrb Earth 125?

The BiOrb Earth 125 is an innovation in the world of reptile and amphibian keeping. The smart terrarium comes pre-built with absolutely everything you need to care for Dart frogs and other small or juvenile reptiles and amphibians. It includes a built-in heater, lighting array, filter, speaker and two misters. However, what sets this enclosure apart is the companion smartphone app, BiOrb EARTH, which allows you to remotely control every aspect of the internal conditions from the palm of your hand.

Why should I buy the BiOrb Earth 125?

BiOrb Earth 125 is the ideal choice for any newcomer to reptile keeping or pros looking for the next step forward in the hobby. Its sleek and minimalistic glass design allows you to focus on the fun side of reptile keeping, designing iconic enclosures and looking after your animals. The enclosure is also fantastic for tropical gardeners who are looking to create the ultimate planted terrarium as you can recreate the conditions of almost anywhere on the planet with ease.

What makes BiOrb Earth 125 a smart terrarium?

The companion BiOrb Earth app allows you to control the terrarium in the same way you would a smart speaker. You can manage the carbon air filters, the heater cables, humidity misters, speakers and lighting with precision or select specific climates you are trying to recreate and allow the BiOrb Earth to make use of its wide range of preset programmed settings. You can even name your enclosure and store a picture to personalise it.



L:50 x W:57.1 x H:55.7cm

Net weight


Limited warranty

2 years


Yes, BiOrb EARTH app




Built-in heater cable

Carbon air filter?



Built-in ultrasonic misters


Built-in LEDs producing UVA, UVB and Infrared



Suitable for

Dart frogs

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