Swell Terrarium 30x30x45cm

The ideal terrarium for small Frogs and invertebrates

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  • Terrarium for Crested geckos and Invertebrates
  • Ready built, no assembly needed
  • Ventilated mesh roof panel
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This Swell Terrarium is ideal for housing climbing species due to the size of the tank. It has great height so would suit tree frogs, some species of Geckos or even baby chameleons.

The Swell terrariums have metal mesh lids which is ideal for your lighting and heating equipment. With the height in this tank you can go crazy with your landscaping, adding extras levels with your choice of decor.

Depending on your choice of animal for tank, you may want a small water feature which will be perfectly fine to use as the terrarium is completely water tight to door level. As the terrarium is majority glass, the tank will fit into any home regardless of decoration.

The tank comes ready assembled so you can get to work on landscaping the tank as soon as it arrives. Gaining access to the tank can be done via the opening front doors or removing the top mesh panel which clips into place when you have finished to secure the top. There is also access for the cables to be places neatly to the rear of the tank.

To secure the tank further you can use the Swell Terrarium Lock for that extra piece of mind.


  • Size - 30 x 30 x 45cm
  • Ready Built
  • Hinged doors for easy access
  • Background included
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