Komodo Habitat Dual Gauge

Keep both temperature and humidity perfect in your terrarium

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  • Temperature and humidity monitor for reptile terrariums
  • Easy to set up and install within your terrarium
  • Large, readable analogue face
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A combined hygrometer and thermometer, the Komodo Habitat Dual Gauge gives you accurate measurements of both the levels of heat and humidity in your reptile home, whether it be a vivarium or terrarium, allowing you to take swift and decisive action if the conditions so vital to your reptile's health fall outside of their optimum parameters.

Accurate and reliable, the Komodo Habitat Dual Gauge is best placed near the hottest spot in your vivarium, ensuring that your reptile always has somewhere to go where it can bask and receive the heat it needs to metabolise.


  • A Dual Gauge Dial is best positioned near the hottest spot in the habitat.
  • Best practice is to position a 2nd gauge at the cool end of the habitat.
  • Ensure the surface to be affixed is smooth & clean.
  • Peel the paper off the double sided pad and position on the gauge before applying the thermometer to the location.
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