Glass Terrariums

Alternatively, the might prefer things low and terrestrial, in which case you can opt for one of the lower terrariums, with a greater width and depth than height - great for reptiles or arachnids that like running around on the floor.

You need to think about lighting too - and with a terrarium its nice and easy - most have mesh lids that are capable of holding a lighting canopy or dome-light to give your pet the UV and heat that they need.

If you need to provide a humid atmosphere, terrariums are great for that too. The glass means that no moisture can escape through the sides, and unlike wooden reptile homes, the glass will never warp due to the added humidity, with some being completely sealed on the bottom to the extent that they can be partially filled with water!

They are available in a variety of styles to suit different pets, styles and of course, budgets. Our own Swell Terrariums are of fantastic quality, and compare more than favourably with market leaders, in performance and price.