Swell Paludarium 30x30x60cm

Paludarium for Reed frogs, arboreal Tarantulas and Thumbnail dart frogs

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  • Small glass reptile tank for Tree frogs
  • Pre-built with no fiddly assembly
  • Built-in drainage tap for easy maintenance
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This paludarium is ideal for my Tree frogs, they have never been happier and it's a breeze to clean.

What is a Swell Glass Paludarium with drainage tap?

The Swell Glass Paludarium with drainage tap is the ideal habitat for Tree frogs and other humidity loving amphibians. Unlike other glass terrariums, this enclosure is designed to hold a small water reservoir and dense humidity throughout, creating a semi-aquatic set of features. The glass terrarium will handle high humidity with ease, unlike many wooden enclosures that will degrade over time. The entire paludarium comes pre-built and ready for use, unlike many reptile terrariums.

How do I keep the single front opening door of my glass reptile tank or terrarium secure?

To keep this glass terrarium secure there is a built-in single front opening door that offers easy access with the ability to add a lock to prevent animal escapes. This is quite a large terrarium with a mesh lid, making it well suited to arboreal reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates that need good ventilation. These species can often test the security of a glass terrarium but you can rest assured that there will be no unwanted opening once you set up an optional lock. A lock can be installed from the canopy over the door to ensure maximum viewing pleasure by fully exposing the taller pane of glass that makes up each of the four glass terrarium walls. You can even install a push-button lock to make opening and closing easy.

What animals can be kept in a Swell Glass Paludarium with drainage tap?

This enclosure is designed to hold small amphibians such as Tree frogs. It could also make a suitable home for smaller juvenile reptiles before they are moved to a larger enclosure as they grow. This model would also make a good invertebrate habitat, especially for some Tarantulas that enjoy higher humidities.

Why should I buy a glass paludarium instead of another enclosure type?

Paludariums are designed to hold both a body of water and dry land within a single habitat. This is fantastic for humidity-loving species as it creates a large reservoir to keep the air moist, sometimes with the help of a humidifier or fogger. The water doesn’t have to be accessible to your pet and can instead sit beneath the substrate of the enclosure, where it can be filtered and then slowly evaporate back up into the humid air. You can also choose to use the paludarium without a body of water at all and occasionally use the tap to remove waste liquids from your drainage layer.

What else do I need to buy with a paludarium to make it suitable for my pet?

Depending on the pet you intend to keep within your paludarium you may need heating, lighting, water treatment kits, substrate, decoration, feeding equipment and humidity equipment. You can find everything you need in our wide range of reptile supplies to help you get everything at the same time and ensure you’re ready to care for your pet.






Suitable for

Tree frogs, Reed frogs and small Dart frogs


Single glass door




Standard latch with room for other locks

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