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Terrarium Stands

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Help and advice on shopping for: Terrarium Stands

Protect your terrarium

Raise your terrarium off the floor and make it the centrepiece of the room it deserves to be with a custom-built terrarium stand. Our range of sturdy terrarium stands are the perfect finishing touch to any terrarium set up. In this range, you will find high-quality furniture from leading reptile suppliers like Exo Terra.

What are terrarium stands?

Terrarium stands are units reinforced to hold the weight of a full terrarium. These stands have storage within them so you have plenty of space to hold all of your feed, terrarium supplies and hardware. Each stand is made to support a specific terrarium and should only be bought for the terrarium it is built for. All of the terrarium stands in this range are flat-packed and require assembly.

Why should I buy terrarium stands?

Often, terrariums are placed on chests of drawers and bookshelves that are ill-suited to support them. This can lead to furniture buckling and terrariums falling or breaking. A terrarium stand protects your pets as it is reinforced and will fully support a terrarium place atop it. If you want a terrarium raised off the floor, the only way to do it safely is with a terrarium stand.

What are the main types of terrarium stands?

Terrarium stands are all quite similar but they are divided by the terrariums they are designed to bear. Each terrarium stand is designed to support a specific terrarium, so you must check that you’re buying the right stand for your terrarium as any other will either look too big or be unable to support the weight of the terrarium being placed upon it.

What should I look for?

Once you’ve found the right stand for your cabinet there’s not much more to consider. Although while you’re looking you might want to pick up some extra food or a few accessories to kit out your tank now everyone can see it.