Exo Terra Terrarium Stand 45cm and 60cm

Hide your cables and support your terrarium with this modern stand

At a glance...
  • Terrarium stand for 45-60cm terrariums
  • Contemporary black glass design
  • Fully supports your terrarium
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Exo Terra Terrarium Stands are superb quality black terrarium stands in a range of sizes.

Exo Terra Terrarium stands feature blacked-out glass doors so you have the contemporary look of a glass door but without having to see the stuff you have stored inside.

The four stands in the range are designed for the 45cm, 60cm and 90cm terrariums and the low one is designed to best show off the taller terrariums. The 60cm stand is also ideal for the Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium Starter Kit.

The range consists of:

  • Exo Terra Terrarium Stand: 45cm
  • Exo Terra Terrarium Stand: 60cm
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