Swell Sliding Glass Vivarium Locks

Vivarium locks to keep your reptiles safe, secure and away from danger

At a glance...
  • Heavy duty vivarium locks
  • Designed for use with glass sliding doors, to prevent reptiles from escaping
  • Stainless steel
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Swell Sliding Glass Vivarium Locks are ideal for securing the doors on reptile terrariums that have sliding doors, keeping your reptile safe and secure in their home, preventing escapes and ensuring that people who do not know how to handle your reptile keep their hands well away.

Because the lock is part of Swell's own brand it is just as good quality as bigger brands of terrarium lock but it is much better value for you.

A lock allows you to feel confident that your reptile or livefood can't escape and unsupervised children can't access the tank.

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