VivExotic Repti-Home Replacement Glass

Replacement glass for Repti-Home vivariums

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  • Replacement VivExotic Repti-Home Glass
  • Fits all VivExotic Repti-Home terrariums and vivariums
  • A range of sizes to suit all sizes of Repti-Home
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A cracked glass panel can spell the doom of vivariums and terrariums but with these handy panels, you can fix your enclosure quickly and keep it running for years to come.

What is VivExotic Repti-Home Glass?

VivExotic Repti-Home Glass is a specialist glass that has been toughened to BS- EN-12150 kite-marked standards. This glass is a replacement for any of the toughened glass that may have become damaged in your VivExotic Repti-Home vivarium. All the glass is designed for easy assembly, allowing you to repair the great-value living space for your reptile at a lower price instead of having to look for a new alternative.



Brand VivExotic
Suitable for All VivExotic Repti-Home Vivariums


Model Size
SWLR9500-1 Small
SWLR9502-3 Medium
SWLR9504-5 Large
SWLR9506-7 Bearded dragon AAL
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