VivExotic Replacement EasyVent

A replacement vent for airflow and cable management

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  • Replacement VivExotic EasyVent
  • Fits all VivExotic terrariums and vivariums
  • Lets air flow and manages cables effectively
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This is one of those parts that is fairly small but crucial to a vivarium’s purpose, losing it can be a big problem so we’ve made it easy to pick up a replacement.

What is a VivExotic EasyVent?

The VivExotic EasyVent (sometimes called the Easy Vent Ventilation System) is a silver plastic plate for the rear of your Vivexotic vivarium that creates an airflow with the sliding glass doors and offers cable management. This is a replacement plate in the event that your plate is lost when you disassemble vivarium stacks or are moving your enclosures between homes. The specially designed access vent acts a bit like a vivarium lid, allowing cables and air through while keeping your pet in.

Why is easy cable management important in a vivarium?

The innovative feature of the EasyVent system is the cable management solution. Cable management is key in a vivarium as it allows you to position electrical equipment while keeping it out of the reach of curious pets that might harm themselves by biting at wires. This vent makes it easier to mount equipment on walls and ceilings to save on floor space without needing to drill holes or re-wire plugs.



Brand VivExotic
Suitable for All VivExotic Vivariums
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