VivExotic Replacement Door Stopper

A replacement door stopper to keep your vivarium secure

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  • Replacement VivExotic door stopper
  • Fits all VivExotic terrariums and vivariums
  • Prevents reptiles from escaping
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A handy replacement for any lost door stoppers. The small bung is easy to misplace and now is easy to replace.

What is a VivExotic Door Stopper?

A VivExotic Sliding Glass Door Stopper is a small bung included with all VivExotic vivariums that, without a key, prevents vivarium access. This is a replacement for the bung that will allow you to wedge the glass sliding doors shut using the pre-drilled holes in the door glass. The replacement door stopper has several clever design features as it is not airtight, allowing some cool air in for ventilation, and it has small grooves for the toughened glass to sit in. The door stopper is compatible with all VivExotic vivariums, including the VivExotic Viva vivariums range.

How can I lock my VivExotic sliding glass door?

This door stopper will not lock your vivarium. To completely prevent escapes, animal theft and child access, you will need to invest in a stainless steel lock and key system, such as the great quality VivExotic Viva Vivarium Lock which is suitable for all snake setups and lizard setups. A sliding glass door lock offers improved security and will neatly fit into the pre-drilled hole within the VivExotic glass of your vivarium.



Brand VivExotic
Suitable for All VivExotic Vivariums
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