Swell Terrarium Lock

Stop your reptiles and amphibians from staging a breakout

At a glance...
  • Tough terrarium lock designed to stop reptiles escaping
  • Code lock, so you can share the combination with anyone
  • Fits every Swell terrarium door and many from other brands
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This great lock is designed exclusively for the Swell Reptiles terrarium range. Crafted from excellent materials and designed to the highest standard, it will make sure that your reptile is locked safely into his terrarium.

The lock will fit every door of every size in our terrarium collection, which are fantastic homes for a variety of invertebrates and reptiles. Built from superior quality glass, with a ventilation panel and sturdy frame, our own terrariums are a great product at a great price. Make sure you take a look at the corresponding Light Hood, also tailor made to fit the terrarium range!

How to Use it

Each lock arrives already pre-set with an unlock code of 0-0-0. While this is fine for your reptile, if you want to keep other people out, like children in your home, you are going to want to reset it.

First, make sure that it is still set to 0-0-0 by twisting the combination lock to this setting, then press the release button on the side of the lock, causing the wire lock to spring open.

Once this is done, use a pen to push in the reset button found at the bottom of the lock. While this is pressed in, rotate the dials to your preferred 3-digit code and then release the reset button.

Then lock the unit again. The lock should now only release when your new 3 digit code is inputted on the dials and the release button is pressed.

Please note that this lock will only fit Swell Reptile's own branded terrariums, however we do have a sturdy vivarium lock too!

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