Swell Frozen Rabbit

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Swell Frozen Rabbits are adult rabbits bred to feed larger snakes like reticulated pythons with big appetites. Just defrost them and let your snake tuck in the moment they sense they are there!


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Product Information

Bred to the highest standards, hygienically and then frozen for freshness, these Swell Frozen Rabbits make a perfect full meal for captive reptiles big enough to take on a rabbit, such as pythons and anacondas.

Rabbits and similar small mammals are a favourite of many snake species in the wild, and your reptile will more than likely attack any rabbit but near them instinctively, triggering their hunting behaviour.

This is as natural a meal as your reptile is likely to get in captivity, feeding them fresh natural prey.

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Product Specification

Product Weight
Swell Frozen Rabbit Small 250-800g
Swell Frozen Rabbit Medium 1-2kg
Swell Frozen Rabbit Large 2-3kg
Swell Frozen Rabbit Extra Large 3kg+

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