Swell Frozen Quail

Get a quail for your pet's next meal

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  • Rich frozen quail for reptile, amphibian and spider feeding
  • Easy to serve, just thaw and warm gently
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit your pet
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Many reptiles, snakes and spiders enjoy the taste of quail in their diet, and the mere sight of a small bird is likely to trigger their natural hunting instincts, causing them to exhibit their natural feeding response and allowing them to live a happier and more natural life.

Ideal for home freezing and feeding, these packs of Swell Frozen Quails are sold singularly, making them a great little treat for your snake or reptile.

Please note - As with many raw human foods, the handling and usage of frozen or thawed reptile foods can pose the risk of Salmonella contamination. We recommend storing frozen reptile foods separately from human foods, wearing gloves, defrosting at room temperature on newspaper or paper towels, and thoroughly disinfecting any surfaces or equipment that the frozen foods come into contact with, along with washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after using. For more detailed information, please read our salmonella help guide.

Frozen food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Frozen foods are delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service and must be signed for. Frozen food is not suitable for express delivery.

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