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Frozen Quail

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Help and advice on shopping for: Frozen Quail

Add some variety to your pet’s diet

Mix up your pet’s frozen food diet with some frozen quail. Quail is packed full of nutrients and will often trigger the feeding instincts of snakes and other reptiles. We sell a variety of quail sizes to suit reptiles of all sizes at different stages of their life.

What are frozen quail?

Frozen quail are small frozen birds that have been ethically farm-bred before being flash-frozen. They are a popular food amongst bird-eating reptiles and can be a great way to mix up their diet or encourage fussy eaters. Quails are fairly small and may need to be served in pairs for larger reptiles.

Why should I buy frozen quail?

Even though quail can be an expensive delicacy for humans it’s relatively cheap compared to other frozen reptile feed. While you could use it as the staple of a reptile’s diet it’s also a good treat as it will often trigger the instincts of bird-hunting reptiles, such as Carpet Pythons. Storing quail is easy, simply stack it in a freezer away from any of your own food. When you’re ready to serve the quail you will need to defrost it and serve it with feeding equipment as your pet is likely to lunge or strike at it.

What are the main types of frozen quail?

We sell two types of frozen quail, small frozen quail and large frozen quail. Small frozen quail is between 5-10g while large is over 100g. Small quail are best to serve to small reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates while large quail are ideal for the bigger reptiles like monitors and anaconda.

What should I look for?

Before buying any quail we recommend checking that it is suitable for the diet of your pet, if you are unsure about whether they will enjoy it we recommend buying one before making a bulk purchase. It is also a good idea to look up how to defrost and serve quail to ensure that your pet gets exactly what they need.