Swell Leopard Gecko Starter Kit - Silver

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Our Swell Leopard Gecko Silver Kit is a great starter kit for a Leopards, coming with a compact 2ft vivarium which is great for up to sub-adult age, and comes in the choice of four colours meaning it will fit with almost every style.


  • Leopard Silver Oak
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  • Leopard Silver Walnut
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  • Leopard Silver Beech
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Product Information

The Silver kit comes with a small vivarium, so there is space for a growing gecko. It comes with all the electrics required to ensure your pet is safe and sound, and also the right UVB to ensure they are kept in the perfect environment. This contains all the essentials, but doesn't provide any decoration.

What's in this kit?

The VivExotic ReptiHome Small Vivarium included in this kit, measuring 57.5cm x 37.5cm x 42cm (23" x 15" x 16.5"), comes in a choice of four colours; Beech, Oak, Mussel and Walnut. There is all the electrics you need, including the UVB tube, reflector and controller, giving optimum light to your pet. The heat is from a heat mat, controlled with a mat thermostat to ensure the environment is always the perfect temperature for your gecko. There is also two thermometers so you can read the gradient in temperatures and know that it's correct. Not included, but recommended with this kit, is the Glass Heat Mat Holder, which will allow your heat mat to be more efficient and will cost less in electricity.

For substrate we have included our premium sand, a soft natural substrate. For those concerned about ingestion, as long as the Leopard Gecko is kept in the right conditions and temperatures, then the chances of ingestion are very minimal - this is more an issue that occurs if the husbandry is incorrect or if there is a health issue with the animal already. We keep all our Leopards on sand and are confident in this product.

To finish the kit, it also comes with water dishes, the hides for both the hot and cold end of the vivarium, and also some calcium dust to ensure you are able to provide the best for your pet. We would recommend that decoration will be required, and disinfectant will also be needed.

At a Glance:

ReptiHome Small Vivarium

Heat Mat and Thermostat

UVB Bulb and Controller

Two thermometers


Water Dish

Calcium Dust


Items shown in image are not specific and are just a representation of this kits contents.

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