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Swell Livefood Flightless Fruit Fly

Livefood ideal for Dart frogs and Praying mantis

At a glance...
  • Fruit fly culture for creating your own colony of reptile livefood
  • Staple diet for many smaller amphibians and invertebrates
  • Generates tasty nutritious flies for your reptiles
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Flightless fruit flies (a species called Drosophila) are an ideal live food for small amphibians and reptiles, such as poison arrow frogs, small day geckos, small newts, salamanders and hatchling chameleons. The flies live for approximately 1 month, provided in a self-contained tub which needs no maintaining aside from being kept in a cool place.

Flightless Fruit Fly CULTURE information:

In comparison to the pre-pack of Fruit Flies, this product is in fact NOT a pre-pack, much to the confusion of some customers. It is a Culture, which is a method of growing fruit flies in our pre-mixed medium, allowing you to get a continuous supply of flies over a longer period of time.

The eggs will appear very small, so you may not be able to see them. These eggs will hatch into small white larvae, normally crawling at the bottom of the tub, eating the already provided food. Approximately after a week, depending on the temperature, the fly will emerge from the pupa.

We always try our best to time the culture, so that the pupae are on the verge of emerging as adult flies when we send them out. This can sometimes mean that the culture will appear either empty, or the flies will look dead. This is normal, and if left for a couple of days to mature, it should allow the flies to emerge so they can be fed to your reptiles.

We supply our customers with the most nutritious live food available. Bred in ethical conditions in the United Kingdom, our live food is despatched direct from the breeder on a next day service to guarantee it arriving in tip top condition. Our live food is always fed exceptionally to ensure it will be a tasty nutritious meal for your reptile pets. Buy with confidence that your parcel will arrive exactly as described.

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  • Livefood tubs made from 100% recycled material.
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