Swell Mealworm bowl

An easy to clean bowl that prevents escapes

At a glance...
  • Prevents worm escaping with anti-escape design
  • Simulates rocky appearance
  • Has a smooth inner wall which prevents bacteria and is easy to clean
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What is the Swell Mealworm Bowl?

The Swell Mealworm Bowls are made from a safe and non-toxic resin that features an inward cover to prevent worms from escaping. It also has a rocky appearance which will allow it to fit into any landscape. The top of the bowl is connected by magnets which is safe and secure and cannot be removed by your reptiles

What are the benefits of this bowl?

  • Anti-escape design with inward cover
  • Magnetic top which is safe and stable to avoid being moved by the reptile
  • Smooth inner layer with no gaps that is easy to clean
  • Made from a safe and non-toxic resin
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