Swell Premium Coco Husk Chips

Ideal for tropical rainforest and bioactive enclosures

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  • Natural coconut husk substrate for rainforest habitats
  • Retains moisture and can be used to raise humidity
  • Suitable for dry, wet and mixed enclosures
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This substrate makes it easy to find waste from Ball pythons and other snakes while keeping the humidity at a good level.


What are the Swell Premium Coco Husk Chips?

The Swell Premium Coco Husk Chips are natural coconut shell chips suitable for rainforest, woodland and bioactive terrariums. Ideal for many species of reptiles, and invertebrates, this reptile substrate is available in large 15-litre bags. Made from coconut husk fibre, the Swell Premium Coco Husk Chips are perfect for creating a natural-looking habitat and retaining moisture and creating humidity when sprayed. They can be used dry to absorb waste and water or moist to increase humidity.

What are the benefits of Coco Husk substrates?

Swell Premium Coco Husk Chips create an ideal habitat for reptiles when they turn moist like a forest floor, encouraging their natural behaviour such as burrowing. As coco chips are thick pieces of substrate, they're easy to scoop up, making spot cleaning a breeze. Coconut husk substrates can be used dry and slightly humid making them ideal for most species. They can also be used as a topper above a soil substrate in bioactive terrariums and can also be mixed with other substrates to provide more structure for digging species.

Material Coconut husk fibre
Bag size 15 l
Suitable for All reptiles
Set up type Rainforest, woodland, bioactive
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