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  • Natural coco peat substrate for rainforest habitats
  • Helps maintain humidity levels
  • Designed to encourage burrowing behaviour
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This coco peat is ideal for spiders and mantids. It’s great for keeping humidity high.


What is the Swell Premium Coco Peat?

The Swell Premium Coco Peat is a rich, moisture-retaining substrate suitable for many species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Easy to use, this reptile substrate is ideal for rainforest and woodland environments. Available in 15-litre bags, the coco peat substrate is perfect for creating a natural-looking habitat and is highly absorbent for effective spot cleaning.

What are the benefits of coco peat substrates?

The Swell Premium Coco Peat helps create the right environment for reptiles which encourages their natural behaviour. Rainforest substrates, like coco peat, are designed to mimic the forest floor by collecting moisture and releasing it back into the air. These substrates are well suited for use by reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates that prefer humid, rainforest environments. Because coco coir absorbs and retains water so well, adding moist coco coir to the reptile's habitat naturally helps maintain proper humidity. This is especially important for species that live in tropical climates. Coco peat can also be used to cushion landings or falls for more active reptiles in their terrariums.

Why should I buy rainforest substrates?

As rainforest reptiles evolved in a highly moist and humid environment with heavy rainfall on a daily basis, selecting the appropriate substrate aids in replicating their natural habitat. Rainforest substrates tend to retain more moisture from humidity systems, slowly releasing it to maintain the damp environment required by your reptile to thrive. They degrade slowly over time and bind waste together for easy disposal. As long as there is adequate ventilation, the possibility of mould developing is reduced.

Material Coco peat
Bag size 15 l
Suitable for All reptiles
Set up type Rainforest, woodland
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