Swell Reptiles Turtle Multi Vitamin

Nutrient-packed turtle supplement

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  • Helps promote healthy bones and boosts the immune system
  • Provides your turtle with all the vitamins they need in their diet
  • Makes it easier for your reptiles to shed their skin
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What is Swell Reptiles Turtle Multi-Vitamin?

The Swell Reptiles Turtle Multi-Vitamin is a solution that can help tortoises, aquatic turtles, amphibians, and reptiles stay healthy. It is a concentration of many different vitamins that can prevent problems like weak bones and a lack of appetite. Using this solution can help these animals get all the vitamins they need in their diet.

What are the benefits of using this treatment?

  • Allows your reptile to more easily shed their skin
  • Provides lots of vitamins which can help appetite and strengthen bones
  • Boosts immune systems which allows for your reptile to prevent against bacterial and parasitic diseases more easily

How do I use this multivitamin?

To use this solution, apply 4 to 8 drops on the animals' food and water every 2 days, depending on how many animals you have and how big they are. If your turtle has swollen and red eyes, which can be a sign of a vitamin A deficiency, you can use 5 drops twice a day for two weeks.



Vit. C: 0.5%, Vit. E: 1%, Vit. AD3: 1%, iodine: 0.04%, dicalcium phosphate: 0.5%, demineralised water: 76.96%. 

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