Zoo Med Dr.Turtle Slow Release Calcium Block

Supplement to promote healthy shell growth for aquatic turtles

At a glance...
  • Slow-release calcium block supplement
  • Provides required calcium and conditions water
  • Promotes healthy shell growth in aquatic Turtles
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Aquatic turtles need plenty of calcium to grow and maintain their bones and hard-shells, and you can supplement their diet with it easily with Zoo Med's Dr Turtle Slow Release Calcium Block.

Available from Swell Reptiles at a great little price, it helps condition their tank water, removing toxins while giving your turtle a healthy dose of natural calcium in the process, giving them the mineral building-blocks of bones and shells, helping to keep problems like weak joints and MBD at bay.

Dr Turtle is a fantastic supplement to be used alongside a balanced diet for your turtle, simply ensuring they have all the right building-blocks for a healthy body, but protein, fats and other essential vitamins should come from their main staples.

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