King British Turtle and Terrapin Food

A complete omnivorous diet ideal for Turtles and Terrapins

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  • Nutrition complete diet for Turtles and Terrapins
  • Specially formulated for Turtles and Terrapins
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to stock up on
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King British Turtle and Terrapin Food is available from Swell Reptiles to give your aquatic turtle a complete diet, featuring a full nutritional profile to keep them healthy and growing up strong.

Not only does it feature a great taste your terrapins and turtles will love (with plenty of krill and shrimp), but it contains all the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients your aquatic turtles need to grow strong muscles, a hard shell and to maintain a healthy immune system, reducing the likelihood of expensive vet bills.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids.
  • Made from the highest quality, natural ingredients.
  • A complete diet.
  • With vitamin C (290mg/kg).

Each tub contains food pellets (50% min), and a mix of freeze dried natural ingredients including krill (8% min), gammarus (12% min) and shrimp (22% min).

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