Swell Reptiles Adult Carnivore Diet

Complete meat-based reptile diet

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What is Swell Reptiles Adult Carnivore Diet?

This is a complete food for omnivorous and carnivorous reptiles. It is made with ingredients like algae, crustaceans, garlic, protein, minerals, and calcium. These ingredients can help reptiles' immune and digestive systems, and they can make the reptiles' shells, skin, and bones stronger. This food comes in small granules, which are easy for reptiles to eat. Using this food can help reptiles grow and be healthy.



Fish meal, protein, crustaceans, shrimps, algae, alpha-alpha, salmon oil, garlic.


Twice daily, alternating with suggested feeds, in amounts equal to a one-half teaspoon per animal.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein: 42%, crude fat: 9%, crude fibre: 2%, moisture: 8%, ash: 8%.

Nutritional constituents

Vit. A: 20.000ui/kg, Vit. D3: 1.500ui/kg, Vit. C: 100mg/kg, Vit. E: 100mg/kg. 

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