Swell Royal Python Starter Kit - Silver

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Swell Silver Royal Python Kit comes with everything you need to look after your snake. The Silver Kit gives you most of the equipment you'll need to keep an grown on python. This will suit most Ball pythons for a number of years, and gives you the starter kit to set you up nicely


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Product Information

The Royal Python Silver Kit is an ideal kit to give you everything you need to keep a Royal in its natural habitat. It comes with a VivExotic Repti Home Small vivarium which is available in three colours. We provide this kit with your choice of UVB tube lighting, or LED lighting kits, whichever you would prefer.

The Royal Python, or Ball Python, is one of the most popular snakes among breeders. Royals are chunky snakes and very friendly and relaxed, and unlike colubrid snakes, like Corns, they do not tend to be wriggly.

Another reason why Pythons are popular is they can be bred for their genetic mutations and can produce weird and wonderful colours and patterns, called morphs.

Royals are native to the forest floors of Africa and, as their name suggests, they like to curl up in a ball in a cosy hiding place like a tree stump, and will often do this if frigthened at all, rather than striking out.

A Royal Python vivarium should not be too large or spacious, as too much room will often unnerve a Ball. They much prefer for their home to be filled with caves, leaves and hides, so the Python feels secure and cosy.

The Silver version of the kit includes a spacious vivarium, heat mat, thermostat and thermometer, as well as the substrate, a hide, decoration, and dish and also a top of the range lighting unit.

For the more serious Python keeper, or breeder, we would recommend the Gold Kit.

What's in the Royal Python Silver Kit?

  • Vivarium ReptiHome Small 57.5cm x 37.5cm x 42cm (23" x 15" x 16.5")
  • Heat Mat and Stat
  • Reptile Cave
  • Water Dish
  • Soft Chip Bedding
  • Thermometer
  • LED or UVB Lighting

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