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Help and advice on shopping for: Royal Python Starter Kits

Build an enclosure fit for royalty

Royal Pythons are a popular pet reptile, as both a starter snake as well as a species reptile keepers return to again and again. To help you build your Royal Python habitat we’ve bundled everything you need into a series of handy starter kits.

What are Royal Python starter kits?

You will find everything you need to keep your Royal Python happy and healthy in our Royal Python starter kits. We sell two types of Royal Python starter kits at Swell, our own and others made by specific brands and manufacturers. While the contents of the kits from other brands can vary, our kits all contain at least a wooden vivarium, heating lamp, UV lamp and substrate.

There are no kits in our range containing a live Royal Python, this is because we are unable to sell livestock over the internet. If you would like to adopt a Royal Python you can contact Swell Superstore where you will be able to adopt one after passing an interview and showing a picture of the enclosure you intend to keep your pet in. You can learn more about the adoption of Royal Pythons on our Royal Python Livestock page.

Why should I buy Royal Python starter kits?

Royal Pythons are fun and friendly snakes that make a great choice for first time snake and reptile keepers. These snakes do need a little more setup than other pets and will require an enclosure of the right size with suitable temperature and light levels. Our starter kits help here as they give you everything you need to build a fantastic Royal Python enclosure. Starter kits are also cost-saving as they often cost far less than if you bought each component separately.

What are the main types of Royal Python starter kits?

Our Royal Python starter kits divide neatly into those made by Swell and those from other manufacturers. The starter kits from other manufacturers tend to only feature products from a single brand and often need to be added to get everything you need to house a Royal Python. Our kits have been made by our reptile experts to offer absolutely everything a Royal Python needs to be happy and healthy. You can further break down our Royal Python starter kits into the following tiers:

Bronze - Bronze Royal Python starter kits include all the basics needed to house a juvenile Royal Python without any frills. Some of the tools and hardware included will likely need to be upgraded over time.

Silver - Silver starter kits are great for beginners as they contain mostly basic supplies as well as a couple of more advanced pieces of kit. Our silver starter kits have been designed to make juvenile reptile keeping as easy as possible.

Gold - These kits are great for keepers of multiple reptiles as they come with loads of fantastic kits that will withstand the test of time. You will often find that you can reuse pieces of this kit for years to come.

Platinum - Platinum kits are incredible. Designed by our reptile experts to give you everything you need to create spectacular enclosures, they are a brilliant addition to the collection of an experienced reptile keeper or a superb start to a beginner’s hobby.

What should I look for?

Budget is the only real decision to make after choosing between a brand Royal Python Starter kit or one of our Swell ones. Deciding how much to invest can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time keeping a reptile. Choosing a bronze kit and slowly upgrading overtime is fine but it’s also just as good to splash out on a spectacular Platinum kit.