Swell Springtails

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Springtails are a great little creature which will not only help keep rainforest set ups clean and tidy, but also provide food for small creatures such as dart frogs.


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These Springtails has a small isopod that only measure a few millimeters long, making them a great food for small pets, such as Dart Frogs or Mourning Geckos.

These bugs breed readily in the right rainforest terrarium set up, and do a fab job of breaking down organic waste, meaning that is doesnt build up and go mouldy in the enclosure, and also allows the plants to use the waste to their advantage and thrive from it.

This Pre-Pack tub offers a soil tub filled with Springtails for you to release into your enclosure. In order to get them well set up in an effect eco-system we would recommend getting these in first, before adding any pets, for around 10 - 14days, allowing these to establish before being eaten off at all.

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