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Terratlantis Glass Paludarium 118 x 45 x 90cm

Glass paludarium for Panther chameleons, Leachianus geckos and Amazon tree boas

At a glance...
  • Glass paludarium for creating semi-aquatic habitats
  • Designed with a high-quality aluminium frame
  • Features removable doors and a mesh top plus airflow vents
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Offers an easy set-up and the grey colour fits into any room in the home seamlessly.

What is Terratlantis Glass Paludarium 118 x 45 x 90cm?

Terratlantis Glass Paludarium 118 x 45 x 90cm is a glass paludarium designed with a high-quality, grey aluminium frame. It’s ideal for semi-aquatic habitats and features a deep base, providing a moist, humid environment that mimics a rainforest, a wetland, or a stream. Suitable for land or aquatic animals, this reptile enclosure measures 118 x 45 x 90 cm and is ideal for humidity-loving reptiles and amphibians. In addition to the paludarium, you can also purchase a matching cabinet to support your paludarium and all your store reptile supplies and hardware.

What are the features of this glass paludarium?

Terratlantis Glass Paludarium 118 x 45 x 90cm features a removable mesh top and front doors to allow full access for maintenance and feeding. This also makes setting up and installing reptile lighting and decor easy. This paludarium comes with a specifically designed lock that prevents escapes and allows the doors to be opened independently. For added security, there is also a coded security padlock.

This glass paludarium is designed with air extraction grids below the doors and a mesh top for excellent air circulation making it well suited to reptiles and amphibians that need good ventilation

Terratlantis Glass Paludarium has an optional matching cabinet that features a cupboard with three swing doors and shelf for optimum storage of essential supplies and reptile food. Having your supplies close by also simplifies maintenance, feeding, and setup. The cabinet comes with the added benefit of making your terrarium a real feature in your home while also giving your paludarium the support it needs.

What are the benefits of a paludarium?

A paludarium is basically a terrarium with a body of water in the bottom, giving it both aquatic and terrestrial characteristics. With the help of a humidifier or fogger, this glass reptile enclosure keeps the air moist, which is perfect for reptiles that prefer humid environments. It is also ideal for animals that prefer land and water. Due to the deep base of a paludarium, you can add a deep substrate layer as well as a drainage layer.

What else do I need to buy with a paludarium to make it suitable for my pet?

Depending on the kind of reptile or amphibian you plan to keep in your Terratlantis glass Terrarium, you may need heating, lighting, water treatment kits, substrate, decoration, feeding equipment, and humidity equipment. We have a wide range of reptile supplies to help you get everything you need at the same time, so you're ready to take care of your pet.

Paludarium dimensions L:188 x W:45 x H:90 cm
Cabinet dimensions L:118 x W:118 x H:80 cm
Material Aluminium, glass
Colour Grey
Guarantee 2 years
Suitable for All reptiles
Door Dual glass doors
Lockable Safety lock plus padlock
Padlock dimensions L:3.2 x W:0.8 x H:9.5 cm
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