The Spider Shop Micro Plant

Suction cupped plants perfect for small enclosures

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  • Suction cup for easy attachment
  • Perfect for small enclosures
  • Variety of shapes and colours - comes as picked
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What are Spider Shop Micro Plants?

The Spider Shop Micro Plants are small synthetic plants with a variety of leaf shapes and colours that come as picked. These micro plants are small and designed for micro enclosures that typically don't have a lot of space for full-sized plants.

Why should I buy Spider Shop Micro Plants?

These Spider Shop Micro Plants are great for acrylic and glass terrariums housing small reptiles, spiders and other invertebrates. Here's a rundown of their key features:

  • Made of soft, synthetic material
  • Comes with suction cup for quick adhesion
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Saves a lot of floor space
  • Gives your beloved pet an obstacle to climb on
  • Complements your enclosure's forest/jungle look
  • Natural leaf shapes and colours

How are these Spider Shop Micro Plants picked?

These Spider Shop Micro Plants come in a variety of shapes and colours. It's important to note that they come as picked, which means that the Micro Plant you receive will have been chosen at random from our warehouse's stock. There are nine different types and they all complement each other beautifully. A random selection of several plants will have your enclosure looking like a real-life rainforest in no time at all!

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