The Spider Shop Micro Plant

Suction cupped plants perfect for small enclosures

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  • Suction cup for easy attachment
  • Perfect for small enclosures
  • Blends into any landscape
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What are The Spider Shop Micro Plants?

The Spider Shop Micro Plants are small synthetic leaves, with a variety of leaf shapes and colours to choose from. These micro plants are small plants designed just for small enclosures, where normally it would be difficult to find a plant the appropriate size.

What are the different plants available in this range?

    • Type A- The Type A plant is 2 small rounded edge leaves, reminiscent of apple tree leaves. The most traditional and common looking of all, these leaves are instantly recognisable and gives a familiar touch to your enclosure.
    • Type B- The Type B plant is a few deep green leaves that give an impression of being from a holly bush. These leaves are still a traditional shape and colour but give a new structure to a vivarium, especially if mixed with other micro plants.
    • Type C- The Type C plant has a strong similarity to ivy leaves, which will look fantastic trailing around your vivarium like natural ivy would, enhancing your enclosure and giving a really strong natural feel.
    • Type D- The Type D plant is a deep green with a vibrant pink stripe that slopes down the length of the leaf, similar to the leaves of the Pink Calathea plant. Whilst still being majority deep green, the vibrant stripes of colour really add a deep contrast.
    • Type E- The Type E plant is similar to peony leaves, with a beautiful long and rounded shape and a small cluster of leaves, if you wanted to have a large selection of leaves, the Type E plant is not one to be missed due to it's unique structure.
    • Type F- The Type F plant bears a striking resemblance to the leaves of a devil's ivy plant, with it's contrast of deep and pale green, and elegant shape. These leaves have such a realistic look that they will definitely fit in well in any vivarium.
    • Type G- The Type G plant is one of the most unique looking leaves, reflective of the striking colours of the caladium plant, these leaves are bright green and pink, with hues of red and yellow throughout. This micro plant is sure to stand out in a vivarium.
    • Type H- The Type H plant is a very realistic copy of a maple leaf in autumn, with its crispy orange colours you'll transport your vivarium straight into autumn season. These leaves will stand out with their sharp colours, without taking away from a natural themed enclosure.
    • Type I- The Type I plant bears some resemblance to ground elder leaves, with it's distinctive shape and striking white border, you'll be adding a beautiful decoration piece to your vivarium. You could also add other leaves in different colours and shapes to make it stand out even more

Why should I buy The Spider Shop Micro Plants?

The Spider Shop Micro Plants are perfectly sized for a small terrarium, and are fitted with a suction cup, which is perfect to save floor space in a small enclosure. The suction cup means these leaves can be suspended anywhere in your enclosure, which will give it a more natural, forest-like feel, and is easy to set up, filling in empty spaces higher in the vivarium. A large amount of decorations are made for medium or large enclosures, and take up precious floor space which is very limited in a smaller sized one, but these plants have been perfectly designed to reduce the space taken to be able to still decorate, whilst still giving you the ability to customise your enclosure. These leaves are all different colours, shapes and sizes, and have a very natural aesthetic, which will enhance a terrarium with the same theme, you could even buy multiple leaves in different styles, giving you a unique feel and allowing them to stand out.

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