The Spider Shop Stone Cave

A natural looking cave that provides a stable hiding location for your pets

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  • Made in the UK
  • Natural look will fit into any terrarium
  • Provides a safe and secure hiding place
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What is The Spider Shop Stone Cave?

The Spider Shop Stone Cave is a medium resin cave designed to be a hiding place in a terrarium, and is highly recommended to be used with scorpions. The natural aesthetic will blend well into any terrarium, and provide your pet with a necessary hiding space. This cave is also made of resin which is very easy to clean and disinfect.

Key Features:

  • Natural effect to blend in with many terrarium types
  • An essential hiding space
  • Ideal for scorpions
  • Creates a dark shelter with its narrow entrance
  • Eases stress, which assists with wellbeing
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

Why do I need to provide a hiding place in a terrarium?

Although this cave can be used for many pets, it is most highly recommended as a scorpion hide, as it has a small and narrow entrance which a scorpion can easily access. The narrow entrance will also create a darker space, which is vital for the health of scorpions. Scorpions need shelter and a place to hide in their terrariums as they can at times be stressed and need a place they can hide away, and without having a cave they may suffer from future health issues due to their exposure to stress without a shelter. It is important to never underestimate the need to have a hiding place in a terrarium, for any pet you may have, and The Spider Shop Stone Cave is the perfect choice.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 18 x 10 x 4cm
Material Resin
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