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Swell Natural Wood Hide

A natural wood hide ideal for arid and rainforest enclosures

At a glance...
  • Natural wood hide for all reptiles
  • Creates shelter and reduces stress
  • Blends seamlessly into any type of terrarium or vivarium
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Good, well-made hide. Baby tortoises love it, as well as other small reptiles.

What is the Swell Natural Wood Hide?

The Swell Natural Wood Hide is a reptile hide made from natural, long-lasting wood that fits into any design of arid and rainforest terrariums and vivariums. It reduces stress making it great for smaller reptiles that like to hide. The Swell Natural Wood Hide provides natural enrichment for reptiles by allowing them to sleep and rest in a shaded area. Suitable for many species of reptiles such as juvenile Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos and Corn snakes this natural terrarium decor measures L:27 x W:14 x H:6 cm approx.

What are the benefits of a reptile hide?

Hides with a natural appearance are frequently ornamental and are an excellent way to bring an enclosure to life. Natural structures are designed to resemble items found in your reptile's natural habitat, giving your enclosure the appearance of a miniature version of its natural habitat. Hides and caves are essentially larger versions of hiding places. They can stimulate your reptile by allowing it to engage in natural survival behaviours. Reptiles and amphibians can become stressed if they do not have a suitable hiding place.

Material Wood
Dimensions Approx. L:27 x W:14 x H:6 cm
Suitable for All reptiles
Set up type Arid, rainforest
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