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Swell Natural Coco Tunnel

Natural coco fibre tunnel decoration for your terrarium

At a glance...
  • Natural reptile tunnel made from coco fibre
  • Offers privacy and stimulation for reptiles
  • Available in two sizes to suit your terrarium set up
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A great choice for a crestie enclosure as it offers privacy and a rough surface during a shed.

What is the Swell Natural Coco Tunnel?

Add some natural decor to your terrarium with the Swell Natural Coco Tunnel. The coco tunnel is made of coco fibre and has a flexible design that can be shaped to allow your reptiles to climb and explore. Each tunnel comes with holes for privacy, easy access, and quick escape, making your reptile feel safer. They are available in two sizes, 30cm and 50cm in length.

Perfect for creating secret hideaways and bridges for your reptile, the Swell Natural Coco Tunnel is a natural alternative to plastic and resin hides. The tunnel requires little maintenance and can be easily cleaned. Ideal for creating secret hideaways and bridges for your reptile. Coco fibre tunnels are ideal for making secret hideaways and bridges for your reptile. The Natural Coco Tunnel, which is available in a natural brown colour, can be used in a variety of ways, and its rough texture can aid in shedding.

What are the benefits of coco fibre tunnels?

Natural coco tunnels are low-cost and loved by many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Coco decor gives your enclosure a very natural appearance, like looking through a window into your pet's natural environment. Coco fibre tunnels provide safety and security to your reptile, giving them somewhere to hide away and rest. They also have a lightweight design that makes it easy to move around inside your reptile's habitat.

Product Natural Coco Tunnel 30cm Natural Coco Tunnel 50 cm
Length 30 cm 50 cm
Number of holes 3 4
Suitable for All reptiles All reptiles
Material Coco fibre Coco fibre
Colour Brown Brown
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