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Komodo Wooden Hide

Give your reptile some privacy in their own wooden den

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  • Wooden reptile hide for stressed and shedding animals
  • Made from tree bark to blend into arboreal habitats seamlessly
  • Available in a range of sizes to cater to most species
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What are Komodo Wooden Hides?

The Komodo Wooden Hide range is a series of good-quality tunnels that offer your reptile a dedicated hiding area within their reptile habitat. Each wooden hide is made from renewable sources and 100% natural materials that will blend into both your pet's natural environment and the ever-expanding range of Komodo natural décor. These hides are an important part of delivering responsible reptile care as they'll help calm reptile behaviours by offering privacy, making them a reptile keepers' staple. The hides are also treated to cope with high heat and moisture, so they are suitable for everything from a desert to a rainforest habitat.

Why do my reptiles need a sheltered hiding space?

Just like humans and other pets, reptiles like a little privacy and a place to call their own. Even in a larger enclosure, many species benefit from dens and hiding spots that they can claim and snuggle up in. These Komodo wooden hides are perfect for this as they can be hidden under or climbed on top of to create a basking area. You will often find wooden hides like this in the collection of professional herpetologists or in a pet shop. 

What is the difference between the products in this range?

Each Komodo Wooden Hide in this range is designed to have a slightly different size to suit different reptiles and their needs. All hides are about 10cm wide. The small Komodo Wooden Hide is 8cm tall, while the regular wooden hide is 13cm tall, the large hide is 18cm and the extra large is 28cm. We recommend choosing a shelter that is slightly larger than your pet.



Brand Komodo
Width 10cm


Model Dimensions
82723 5x10x8cm
82724 5x11.5x14cm
82725 5.5x12x18cm
82726 7x12.5x26.5cm
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