VivExotic Repti-Home Large Three Tier Grey

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VivExotic ReptiHomes are the answer to space-saving problems. A safely stackable vivarium, this Three Tier stack of Large 45" vivariums with Grey finish only takes up the same floor space as 1 vivarium, allowing you to cater for more reptiles that ever before!


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The largest of our stackable vivariums, this 3 Tier stack of VivExotic Large ReptiHomes in Grey is a fantastic way to keep and display your favourite desert reptiles, like adult bearded dragons and other such reptiles that enjoy a large, hot and dry environment.

As your reptile collection grows and your pets get bigger, you are likely to find yourself struggling for floor space, so why not stack 3 vivs in the space of one? Usually, this would be because of wiring and safety, but these ReptiStax ReptiHome Large Vivariums are designed to be stacked safely, neatly and beautifully.

Fans of the old and much-loved LX48 series of Vivariums will love these new and improved ReptiHome Vivariums:

Each unit features better ventilation, cable and lighting management and a new and improved colour than older models. The woods used come from recycled materials as well as sustainable forests and are even Forest Stewardship Council approved!

The glass in the front has an upgrade too: 5x stronger than the normal glass used, and it only ever shatters into harmless pieces, not sharp edges.

Each vivarium stack comes with feet, specially made for the VivExotic ReptiHomes to keep things stable and safe for you and your reptiles.

Dimensions (approx):

120cm (48")37.5cm (15")134cm (52")

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