VivExotic Repti Home Large Three Tier Black Vivarium

The perfect large three tier black vivarium stack for juvenile Bearded dragons

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  • Three tier black vivarium stack for juvenile Bearded dragons
  • Easy to assemble flat-pack kit
  • Strong reinforced glass and wood throughout
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Get the most out of your available floor space as your reptile collection grows with a 3 Tier Black Large set of VivExotic ReptiHomes - vivariums designed to be safely and beautifully stacked to maximise your available room and keep more reptiles healthily.

Drawing on their years of reptile keeping experience and the huge success of the LX48 range of vivariums, these Repti-Home vivs are of superb quality, keeping smaller desert reptiles warm and dry, just how they like it.

They make a stunning display, allowing you to easily manage 3 different vivarium setups safely and in a compact manner. These models are built with a beautiful Black wood finish, made from FSC approved wood from recycled and sustainable forests, making them VivExotic's most environmentally friendly vivarium yet.

The glass in the sliding doors at the front is 5x stronger than normal, and has been fitted because if it does take a large impact, it shatters into blunt, harmless pieces to protect your reptile from cuts.

The largest of the stackable vivariums, this 45" monster is great for juvenile Bearded dragons and other desert reptiles. The wood is very insulating and therefore a great place to keep them warm with the right heating equipment, itself easier to set up due to improved ventilation and cable management ports at the back of these vivariums.

Please note: The Repti-Home range of vivariums is not compatible with the Viva+ range of cabinets

Dimensions L:115cm x D:37.5cm x H:132cm
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