VivExotic Repti-Home Maxi XL Oak

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A massive vivarium to keep larger reptile species, the VivExotic Repti-Home Maxi Vivarium XL with oak wood finish is a bit of a beast. But despite it's giant proportions and high build quality, you might find yourself surprised at the small price tag put on by Swell Reptiles - get the best deals here!


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Product Information

When it comes to vivariums, there aren't many that beat the Vivexotic Repti-Home Maxi vivarium XL for size, available in either Oak or Walnut.

This is an impressively large reptile home for big critters like larger snakes, family groups of smaller reptiles and even African Pigmy Hedgehogs, allowing them enough room to exhibit their natural behaviour. It measures 137.5cm x 49cm x 56cm and allows you to create intricate and amazingly beautiful environments for your reptiles.

It boasts up to 3 cable access points on each side so wiring up is easy, and the rails are higher so you can include more substrate when constructing your new reptile environment.

Made in the UK using FSC approved wood, it is made of reptile safe materials and if sold at a great discounted price by Swell Reptiles.



Finish: oak wood effect

Ventilation: Standard Back Vent with cable access on each side

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