Zoo Med Dr.Turtle Slow Release Calcium Block

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Calcium is important for turtles who need it to build strong bones and shells. This Zoo Med Dr.Turtle Slow Release Calcium Block helps calcium levels be maintained in your water so they always get a good dose of it. And it also helps clear the water of toxins too!


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Product Information

Aquatic turtles need plenty of calcium to grow and maintain their bones and hard-shells, and you can supplement their diet with it easily with Zoo Med's Dr Turtle Slow Release Calcium Block.

Available from Swell Reptiles at a great little price, it helps condition their tank water, removing toxins while giving your turtle a healthy dose of natural calcium in the process, giving them the mineral building-blocks of bones and shells, helping to keep problems like weak joints and MBD at bay.

Dr Turtle is a fantastic supplement to be used alongside a balanced diet for your turtle, simply ensuring they have all the right building-blocks for a healthy body, but protein, fats and other essential vitamins should come from their main staples.

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