Zoo Med Eco Earth Expandable Substrate

Great for humid rainforest terrariums and burrowing reptiles

At a glance...
  • Substrate made from coconut husk
  • Expands considerably when in contact with water
  • Increases humidity
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Zoo Med Eco Earth Expandable Substrate is a coconut husk that is ideal for burrowing animals, providing a perfect environment for them to thrive in. It can be used as a more damp substrate, or left to dry slightly if needed, and also does well when mixed with sand to provide a digging environment.

This comes in a pre-packed brick, which you just need to add water to let it expand. When used as moist bedding it can help to increase humidity in an enclosure, egg laying chamber, or hide, meaning it can suit almost every reptile need.

For small animals, snakes and tarantulas the substrate can be used dry (it should be moistened to expand then dried in the sun).

Each block will make 7-8 litres of substrate.

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