Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp 50w-250w

Provides adequate warmth and light for reptile's night-time activities

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  • Infrared heat lamp for night time use
  • Ideal nighttime or 24 hour heat source for all types of reptiles
  • Red glass
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Zoo Med's reptile expertise has gone into the design of their Nocturnal Heat Infrared Lamp for reptiles, allowing nocturnal species of reptiles and little light to move around in that mimics their moonlight adventures in the wild, as well as provides an essential source of heat to keep their body warm and functioning well.

Providing you keep your reptiles a minimum of 18" away from the bulb itself, it simply provides adequate warmth and light for their night-time activities, as well as some red light for you to view them more easily at night.

Used with a ceramic socket using an ES fitting, and perfect for leopard geckos kept in glass terrariums (not wooden vivariums or plastic faunariums).

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