Arcadia ThermalZooPro

The ultimate enclosure lighting solution

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  • 4-way UV reptile lighting
  • Holds two strip lights and two bulbs
  • A variety of models available
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A revolution in reptile lighting. The ThermalZooPro has become essential in caring for monitors and other large lizards.

What is an Arcadia ThermalZooPro?

An Arcadia ThermalZooPro is a light fitting designed for large enclosures, reptile rooms or professional settings. The unique fitting can hold two strip lights, used to illuminate your terrarium and produce UVA and UVB lighting, as well as two ES fitting screw spotlights, used for general heating and basking spots. Each light can be independently controlled via a thermostat (sold separately), allowing for ultimate control over the amount of UV and heating levels within different areas of the enclosure.

What is the difference between the two Arcadia ThermalZooPro models?

We stock two Arcadia ThermalZooPro models; the RARTZ1 and RARTZ2. The RARTZ1 comes with two ProT5 Forest 6% UVB 24W units, a Solar Basking Flood 100W and a Deep Heat Projector 50W. Whereas the RARTZ2 comes with a single ProT5 Forest 6% and a Jungle Dawn LED Bar for reduced UVB and higher UVA levels instead. When buying replacements for the Arcadia ThermalZooPro models, any of the bulbs mentioned can be used but each will have a specific effect on your enclosure.

Why do I need multiple lights in my terrarium or vivarium?

Enclosures need two things from any lighting setup, heat and light. An enclosure is designed to recreate the exotic conditions a reptile, amphibian or invertebrate is used to and so it needs to give them both the heat and light they need to thrive. Different bulbs can create different types of light and heat, including focused and diffused patterns which are suitable for recreating different times of the day. Many animals use this sort of heat and light in biological processes that keep them healthy and happy.

How do I install the Arcadia ThermalZooPro?

The Arcadia ThermalZooPro is installed using metal wire which should be threaded through hooks on your ceiling and holes in the light fitting. Once threaded, the Arcadia ThermalZooPro is ready to be suspended from your ceiling - by moving the unit closer and further from the floor of your enclosure you can increase or decrease the intensity of your bulbs, creating the perfect ambient conditions for your pet.

What sort of lighting setups can I create with the Arcadia ThermalZooPro?

The Arcadia ThermalZooPro is compatible with a wide assortment of bulbs for both heating and lighting, plus it can even be connected to other units to create a large lighting system. With multiple Arcadia ThermalZooPro fittings, a good selection of bulbs and a little trial and error you will be able to create whatever you need to help both plants and animals thrive in any size of enclosure.

Which bulbs are compatible with the Arcadia ThermalZooPro?

The Arcadia ThermalZooPro has fittings for both strip lighting and ES screw fitting bulbs including Arcadia Solar Basking Floods, Solar Basking Spots, Halogen Flood Lamps, Deep Heat Projectors, 80w D3 Basking Lamp and Ceramic Heaters. For the ProT5 unit, you can use D3 6%, D3+ 12% or DragonLamp 14% UVB to provide the correct lighting for your species.




Coated aluminium



Light fittings




Suitable for

Large enclosures

Individual light control


Power (W)

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Lights included

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Bulb Included 1

Bulb Included 2

Bulb Included 3

Bulb Included 4

Power (W)


ProT5 Forest 6% UV-B / 24W

ProT5 Forest 6% UV-B / 24W

Solar Basking Flood 100W

Deep Heat Projector 50W



ProT5 Forest 6% UV-B / 24W

Jungle Dawn LED BAR 34W

Solar Basking Flood 100W

Deep Heat Projector 50W


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