Exo Terra T-Rex Skull

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Turn your reptile home into a forgotten prehistoric plateu using this Exo Terra T-Rex Skull - ok, it was probably only a baby, but it will still look pretty cool with a snake coming out of a gecko stood on it's head!


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Product Information

Add an interesting touch to your terrarium or vivarium with this exciting T-Rex Skull from Exo Terra.

This pre-historic 'artefact' serves as a decoration, a hide and a place for your reptile to bask.

With numerous access points, the T-Rex Skull provides a place for your pet to shelter and sleep, which will make him feel secure and lessen stress. In a humid environment, a hide creates a great place for reptile to lay and shed.

Positioned under a basking lamp, the skull is the perfect place for your reptile to enjoy and benefit from the much needed rays.

Add some artificial plants around the T-Rex Skull to create your very own dinosaur wonderland, especially as you have the option between the natural choice or the white washed aged skull - something to suit everyone!

Product Specification

Product Size
Exo Terra T Rex Skull - Small 15 x 8 x 6cm
Exo Terra T-Rex Skull - Natural 22 x 10 x 14cm

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