F10 SC Disinfectant

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Get rid of nasty fungal spores and bacteria in your reptile habitat with F10 SC Disinfectant - it won't harm your reptile furnishings, but it will be hard on the sources of disease.


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Product Information

A pet living space disinfectant with a high concentration, F10 SC is highly effective for the removal or bacteria, fungal spores and growths as well as more viruses, but has the advantage of being non-toxin as well as non-corrosive, cleaning your reptile's environment instead of dissolving it!

Without a good vivarium or terrarium disinfectant, your reptile can develop diseases caused by the bacteria and other little microbes in their environment, and using a safe one made for pets like this is always best.

Best used for the disinfection of hard surfaces like water and food bowls, F10 SC is available from Swell Reptiles at a discounted price.

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