HabiStat Carbon Cloth Heat Mat

Great for giving your reptile a little extra warmth

At a glance...
  • High output heat mats for reptiles
  • Uses ultra long wavelength infra-red heat
  • Available in a range of wattages and sizes
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What are HabiStat Carbon Cloth Heat Mats?

HabiStat Carbon Cloth Heat Mats are high output reptile heat mats with multiple different sizes and wattages to choose from. HabiStat Cloth Heat Mats are great for giving your reptile a little extra warmth. Perfect and safe when used with our Swell Thermostat!

Key Features:

  • Available in many different sizes and wattages
  • High output heat mat
  • Provides necessary heat to keep your reptile healthy
  • Uses Ultra Long Wavelength Infrared
  • Carbon cloth
  • Provide a gentle warmth
  • Under normal usage, cannot burn the animal

Why do I need a heat mat for my reptile?

Reptiles are cold-blooded, which means they rely on external heat sources to maintain the correct body temperature. Reptiles require heat to aid them with many things, such as eating, reproducing, and even moving. In the wild, the sun heats their natural habitat, which in turn warms the reptiles blood, allowing them to digest their food better, and in captivity it is important to simulate this with a heat mat.

What are the benefits of using HabiStat Carbon Cloth Heat Mats?

HabiStat Carbon Cloth Heat Mats are a gentle way to heat your reptile's environment rather than using heat bulbs. These heat mats use Ultra Long Wavelength Infrared emitted from the printed carbon.

Heat mats do get warm but provide a very gentle warmth which the reptile can sit under or on top of. Used under normal conditions the mats cannot burn the animal.

It should be noted that the gentle background heat supplied by this heat mat may not be enough. If you are keeping animals that requires higher temperatures, then you may require additional supplemental heating.

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