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Get 10% OFF Swell own brand products with code: EASTERSWELL >

Komodo Grassy Hide

A grassy hideaway for your reptile to relax in

At a glance...
  • Sheltered cave made from natural woven grass
  • Offers privacy to reduce animal stress
  • Blends seamlessly into forest and arid enclosures
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This is made from a natural untreated grass, and provide the perfect place for your reptile to escape into and get away from the heat, which is exactly what most species do in the wild. Ideally, this should be placed in the mid range of the heat, or on the cool side, but not directly under the heat.

Not best kept in humidity environments, but great and long lasting in dry arid conditions, this will look the part and provide a useful aspect at the same time. Any natural enrichment is a great addition to your enclosure, and this will provide everything they need.

Dimensions 22cm x 20cm x 16cm
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