Swell Natural Reed Cave

Provides natural hiding places for your reptile to relax in

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  • Natural woven reptile cave offers sheltered hiding space
  • Offers privacy to reduce animal stress
  • Blends seamlessly into arid enclosures
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An airy and comfortable hiding place for medium reptiles and tortoises.

What is the Swell Natural Reed Cave?

The Swell Natural Reed Cave is a woven reptile hide made from a natural reed that’s suitable for dry, arid enclosures. It provides natural enrichment for reptiles by allowing them to hide and sleep in a shaded area. Suitable for many species of reptiles such as juvenile Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos and Corn snakes this natural terrarium decor measures 15 x 15 x 15 cm approx. and should not be placed in areas of extreme heat.

What are the benefits of a reptile cave?

Hides and caves with a natural look are often ornamental and are a great way to bring an enclosure to life. Natural structures are designed to look like things found in your pet's natural habitat, giving your enclosure the appearance of a smaller version of their natural habitat. Hides and caves are essentially an enlarged hiding space. They can help to stimulate an animal by allowing it to exhibit natural survival behaviours. Without a proper hiding area, reptiles and amphibians may easily develop stress.

Where should a reptile hide be placed in my terrarium?

The Swell Natural Reed Cave is ideal for your reptile to escape into and get away from the heat, just as most species do in the wild. Hiding caves should ideally be placed in the middle of the heat range, or on the cool side, but not directly under a heat source.

Material Reed
Dimensions Approx. H:15 x L:15 x W:15 cm
Suitable for Juvenile Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos, Corn snakes
Set up type Dry, arid enclosures
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