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SUMMER MEGA SALE prices slashed by up to 70% - SHOP NOW. >

Komodo Thermostat 100w

Control your heating elements with ease

At a glance...
  • 100W on/off thermostat for terrarium heating
  • Ideal for simple heating elements like heat mats and cables
  • Comes with power cable and remote sensor
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The Komodo 100w thermostat is a simple yet effective On/Off Thermostat for use with heat mats and heat cables.

Affordably priced at Swell Reptiles, this reliable thermostat is more than capable of running single pieces of reptile heating equipment up to 100w in terms of power consumption.

With the use of a remote sensor placed inside your reptile vivarium or terrarium, it accurately tests your reptile home temperature to within 1 degree of accuracy, and switchers your heating either on or off depending on the action that is needed to achieve the perfect temperature for your reptile, allowing them the ability to thermos-regulate their body effectively.

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