Little tree plant, Biophytum sensitivum

A unique tropical Indian plant

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  • A beautiful plant for terrariums
  • Ideal for hot and humid areas
  • Fairly easy to keep, grow and maintain
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These plants look just like miniature trees and are lots of fun to grow. Their drooping leaves make it easy to find out when they need watering.

What is a Little tree plant?

A Little tree plant, also known as Biophytum sensitivum, is a fantastic fern-like plant native to India. As it is slightly poisonous, it is unsuitable for live vivariums however, it is a brilliant addition to plant-only terrariums and greenhouses. The plant is named after its distinctive appearance which resembles a small tree, this makes it particularly eye-catching and exciting for many exotic gardeners.

How do you keep a Little tree plant?

Caring for Little tree plants is quite easy as they help tell you what they need. Generally, Little tree plants need some light, lots of heat and just as much humidity. However, if your Little tree plant needs more water or humidity, its leaves will bend and droop - making it very easy to know when to top them up and avoid overwatering. It’s worth noting that the leaves will also bend at night and as a reaction to being in dark surroundings, so don’t take this as a sign of needing water.

What is a Little tree plant good for?

Little tree plants make a good addition to a tropical collection. Their unique behaviours and appearance make them a good oddity to show off to friends and family.





Size - fully grown


Spread - fully grown


Ideal moisture

Moist with good drainage

Ideal pH


Ideal substrate


Ideal light

Moise substrate, such as moss or coir

Country of Origin


Ideal temperature

Above 15C

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