Button fern, Pellaea rotundifolia

A tough and hardy fern for humid terrariums

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  • A hardy fern for terrariums and plant stands
  • Ideal for moist and well-drained soils
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain
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A brilliant plant for anywhere in the home. Tough and easy to maintain.


What is Button fern?

The Button fern is a large round leafed fern suitable for a terrarium or plant stand. The button fern is fairly easy to care for, as a native plant of New Zealand it can withstand similar climates to those found in Britain.

A Button fern loves to be kept in bright indirect light with plenty of moisture, however, you must create a good amount of drainage for your fern to avoid soggy soil and root rot. Many gardeners recommend keeping Button Fern in very loose soil or sand with a drainage hole, to ensure that it stays at its best. When it comes to light, the Button fern enjoys bright light but requires partial shade to avoid the hot midday sun, which can cause it to dry out.

Why should I buy Button fern?

Button ferns are attractive and tough plants that are great for use around the home, in a terrarium or an animal enclosure. They stay green throughout Spring and Summer, with brown leaf tips in Autumn and Winter, that can easily be pruned with a sharp knife. They look particularly good when allowed to hang, such as in a hanging basket or a vertical garden. As you only need to worry about light and water, they make a fantastic first choice for those considering growing exotic plants.

How often should I water a Button fern?

Button ferns like to be regularly watered and kept moist, however, they are also susceptible to root rot. To ensure the safety of your live plants, we recommend using sand, well-drained soil or even a specialist peat-based potting mix to ensure good drainage. It's also key to keep your fern out of drafts, where they will be exposed to constant dry air.

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Size - fully grown


Spread - fully grown


Ideal moisture

Moist with good drainage

Ideal pH

Slightly acidic

Ideal substrate

Sand and other good draining substrates

Ideal light

Bright light with partial shade

Country of Origin

New Zealand

Ideal temperature


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