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  • An outstanding purple house plant
  • Ideal for moist and well-drained soils
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain
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An exotic gardening favourite, Spiderwort is popular thanks to its purple colouring.

What is Tradescantia?

The Tradescantia is quite popular amongst house plants thanks to its bright purple flowers. Sometimes called an inch plant or spiderwort, the Tradescantia is iconic for its silvery leaves with purple undersides, which make it a popular choice for a hanging basket, which displays its underside well. Native to South America and Mexico, it's well suited to terrarium growth and will thrive under bright light and high humidity. Like all our plants, Tradescantia is shipped from our live plant supplier where it has been grown in carefully controlled conditions designed to promote growth and development.

Why should I buy Tradescantia?

When it comes to both house plants and garden plants, Tradescantia is a spectacular choice. Many plant lovers are drawn to the 'hidden secret' of the purple underside beneath the silver leaves. Tradescantia is quite easy to grow, requiring only a humid environment and indirect light to thrive. However, to get the best results from your Spiderwort, we recommend growing it in a terrarium, where you can carefully control the environment, avoiding common problems like root rot that often come with over-watering.

How do I care for my Tradescantia?

When you receive your Tradescantia, it will be quite small (around 8cm) so we recommend repotting it with fresh potting soil to give it plenty of room for new growth and root growth. In Spring and Summer, you will find that it grows rapidly and may even need to be repotted every few weeks, up until early fall. Keep your Tradescantia out of direct sunlight, which may dry it out, and regularly mist it and water it to ensure it is moist.

Is Tradescantia poisonous?

Tradescantia is mildly poisonous to both humans and most common animals so it should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

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Ideal moisture

Moist with good drainage

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Ideal substrate

Sand and other good draining substrates

Ideal light

Bright light with partial shade

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