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  • An absorbent moss for humid terrariums
  • Ideal for moist, tropical substrates
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain
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A great addition to Dart frog enclosures. Looks really cool and helps maintain humidity.

What is Java Moss?

Java Moss is a moss carpet that can be used as both an aquarium plant, sometimes called aquarium Java moss, and a terrestrial plant in a high humidity enclosure, sometimes called plant Java moss. It is particularly easy to grow and care for, boasting far more resilience than other aquarium plants and many mosses. Java moss is known for growing on tree trunks and bark in the wild and can add a touch of realism to many terrarium enclosures.

Why should I buy Java Moss?

One of the key Java Moss tank requirements is a humidity over 80%, making it ideal for rain forest animal enclosures that recreate moist tropical climates. Java moss makes a good addition to animal enclosures, as it will absorb waste products and help to maintain the humidity of the environment. A thin layer of Java moss across part of your terrarium or vivarium will increase humidity and reduce the amount of waste build-up effectively.

What is Java moss good for?

Java Moss is very absorbant and tough, it can withstand most temperatures and direct sunlight, as long as it doesn't dry out. However, one of the best uses for Java moss is as a home for bioactive custodians, Java moss is often found housing insects and bugs on river banks and it's no different in a terrarium. Unlike most aquarium plants and mosses, it's quite loosely packed, so bioactive custodians can easily hide within it, increasing its waste management properties.

Can you grow Java moss on land?

Yes, although Java moss is typically found alongside other aquatic plants, it can be successfully grown on land with over 80% humidity. This is, in part, because it is such a hardy plant that can adapt to a wide variety of environments. Dark green Java moss can be used in either a freshwater tank or terrarium and will grow successfully.

Java moss image is for illustration purpose only. Plant size will vary.





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Ideal moisture

Very moist

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Slightly acidic

Ideal substrate

Moisture retaining substrate

Ideal light

Bright light with partial shade

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